What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

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The pelvis is an intimate area of the body yet its health and function can be mysterious. Pelvic health is integral to overall health and function. Kegels A.K.A. pelvic floor muscle contractions are part of maintaining healthy function and may even be ill advised to perform in certain situations. Many people assume the common issues that arise with age, after giving birth or the physiological attrition of menopause are inevitable and normal. Too many people suffer in silence because of embarrassment and/or lack of awareness that services are available that can help improve symptoms. People live with with their symptoms thinking “that’s just how it is” or “nothing can be done”. These issues, while common, are not normal. It is possible to improve or even alleviate your symptoms altogether.

Conditions that pelvic health physical therapy can help address include:

  • Leaking urine or stool with daily activities and/or exercise
  • Urinary or fecal urgency
  • Separation of the abdominal muscles AKA Diastasis Recti
  • Hernia
  • Pre/post Prostatectomy
  • C-section or other abdominal surgery scars that can restrict movement or organ function and cause pain
  • Abdominal bulging with exertion
  • Low abdominal tone
  • Bladder, rectal, vaginal, testicular, penile pain
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Painful sex
  • Constipation
  • Pain while sitting
  • Restoring post-partum pelvic health and function after giving birth
  • Recovery from treatment for gynecologic or other cancer affecting the pelvis
  • Recovery from abdominal, pelvic or back surgery including c-section, hysterectomy, prostate surgery, bladder suspension, hernia repair
  • Hip joint replacement surgery

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

A 90-minute session, in which, together, we explore your reason for seeking treatment; discuss general health history and current health concerns; assess your current level of function and how personalized physical therapy can address your symptoms. We will also collaborate to determine a plan-of-care based on your goals and estimate how many sessions we may need to help you achieve your desired goals. 

Physical Therapy Follow-Up 

​Follow up appointments are 60-minute sessions designed to methodically progress you through your plan of care toward your goal(s) for treatment. Emphasis will be on learning effective self-care methods and exercises to develop and implement new lifestyle habits and management techniques that minimize the impact of your symptoms on your daily life , thereby, improving your function and overall quality of life.

Pelvic Health Presentations and Workshops

​Presentations and workshops are available on various topics related to pelvic health.

Contact Lesley to discuss organizing a workshop or presentation.