Caring and Insightful

Caring, insightful, excellent listener, and an innate ability to really understand the anatomy of my body from the inside out. I had many “Ah Has” working with Lesley. She has a honing device that she used to tap into things I didn’t see on my own. She helped me understand how my “Ah Has” fit into the bigger picture of my body dynamics. Then, she helped me integrate them into my daily self-care routine to improve the overall quality of my life. She has a huge repository of knowledge that she integrates into her sessions with people and a strong spiritual current that she infuses into the way she relates to and works with her clients.

— Jan Born,
Private Client & Owner, Cool Plant Lady

I have known Lesley for

I have known Lesley for many years and referred many patients to her, as well as experienced her skills with posture assistance and psoas muscle relief. Her spiritual demeanor and dancer history blend well to offer a well-rounded holistic experience valued by her clients.

Ms. Susan D Doughty

Lesley possesses a skill set that is almost impossible to find

Lesley possesses a skill set that is almost impossible to find in one physical therapist. She is a skilled pelvic floor rehab therapist who treats women and men with all types and levels of pelvic floor dysfunction. She is a strong orthopedic physical therapist who is also a myofascial release expert. Lesley is a master yoga practitioner and educator, and she is dedicated to the philosophy of holistic health. Lesley is also a dancer and brings her love of movement to her patients.

— Susan Ramsey, PT
Owner, Holistic Physical Therapy

Working one-on-one

Working one-on-one with Lesley I developed an appreciation for how novel and effective her fascial approach is. After one session with her I felt a change in how I walk and my body posture overall. The way she listened to me and explained the nature of fascia was extremely helpful and insightful. It changed the way I do my self-care, something I felt I was already good at. One skill that Lesley has that I think is precious and spectacular is how she observes and listens with owl ears and hawk eyes, and she created a space for me to move forward so I could unlock the solution that was right for me. Rather than just being told what to do to “fix me” I learned some things I can do to free myself up. Equally important I had room to have my “Ah Ha” moments and realize that “I am not broken!”

— Susan Fekety, CNM (Private Client)

After decades of dancing with

After decades of dancing with a hip injury I had developed many “compensating” habits that lead to weakness in some areas and overused, tight muscles in others. Following my hip replacement Lesley’s holistic approach to therapy helped me undo these habits, tear down scar tissue and most importantly retrain my lower abdominals and pelvic floor. Regaining the strength of my abdominals and pelvic floor has enabled my to improve my spinal alignment (I swear I grow ½ – 1 inch in height) which in turn has reduced stress on my other joints. Her knowledge of dance coupled with her multi-modality approach to therapy provided a uniquely tailored treatment plan that has gotten me back to dancing with more enjoyment.

Carolyn Perazio

I have had the privilege

I have had the privilege of working with Lesley in understanding the bio-mechanics of my body and how I can make simple adjustments to not only correct mis-alignments, but to strengthen my core – thus avoiding more significant issues. I have been impressed by her focus, intuitiveness and highly effective means of helping me to create balance with how I use my body. These simple adjustments and practices she suggested have made a lasting impression and overall improvement of my entire body mechanics. I look forward to working with her again to continue this work through her pelvic floor exercises.

Brenda Grant-Hays
Grant Hays Associates